RF-400 / RF-500

RF-400 / RF-500

Create functional prototypes, production tools, and strong end-use parts made from advanced polymers and composite materials

The RF-400 / RF-500 3D printer brings you the ultimate in speed, accuracy, and operating economics.


  • Automated Mesh Bed Leveling
  • Hotend Up To 380 C
  • Fully Enclosed Printer
  • Removable Spring Steel Magnetic Sheet
  • Filament Runout Sensor
  • Power Loss Resume

Features & Benefits


PLA filament is by far the most popular
the material used in FFF 3D printing, and
there’s a good reason for that. It comes
in many shades and styles, making it
ideal for a wide range of applications.
Whether you’re looking for vibrant
colors or unique blends, it’s an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing material


ABS is a thermoplastic polymer, it can
melt and cool without altering its
chemical properties. That makes it an
interesting 3D printer filament. There
are some companies like Crabby,
which have dedicated 3D printers for
the material

Tough PLA

Tough PLA is a technical PLA
(polylactic acid) material with a
toughness similar to ABS. It is ideal
for printing functional prototypes
and tooling at larger sizes

Glow in dark filament

It contains highly concentrated
phosphorescent pigments to allow this material to charge during the daytime and glow magnificently in the dark forces


Most desktop 3D printer users are
familiar with the benefits and
disadvantages of PLA and ABS
materials. But, when it comes to
producing strong, thinwalled objects
upto 0.8mm with weather resistant
qualities WRP comes helpful. This is
our proprietary material


TPU is a medium-strength material
with very high flexibility and
durability, able to withstand much
higher compressive and tensile

Technical Specifications

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