Optical 3D Metrology for Tracking and Probing


PONTOS Live is a tracking system for the live positioning of parts designed especially for production environments. The system equipped with a GOM Touch Probe allows to combine optical with tactile measuring techniques. Via dynamic referencing, the measuring object is continuously tracked by the optical sensor.

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Stereo camera

The stereo camera system provides precise 3D coordinates of reference point markers. The preset and certified lenses are integrated into an industrial housing, leading to high stability with fewer requirements for sensor calibration. Users can easily change the measuring volume and thus measure small to large objects.

Live functionality

The live functionality allows online measurements and online positioning. It is supported when measuring with GOM Touch Probes and GOM Adapters, so that components can be specifically aligned and positioned to the CAD in an online measurement.

GOM Touch Probe

The GOM Touch Probe is a tactile add-on for measuring systems, which is optically tracked by the system. It is used for tactile measurements and allows measuring coordinates even in areas that are difficult to access.

GOM Adapter

The GOM Adapters offer expanded options for the live measurement such as component positioning or the measurement of geometrical elements and edges.




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