Enhance your workflow and improve customer experience. Bring precision to your workshop with professional 3D printing to rapidly prototype designs, fit customers, and produce large batches of ready-to-cast pieces.

Why Our Printers?

Our 3D printers have come up with the latest technology and best possible solution for jewelers. Our latest technology along with the widest range of materials together offer very detailed and intricate parts, a highly accurate, rapid print process, and the best surface finish which allows you to move directly from design to production. Our printed models ensure clean burnout and smooth surfaces on every piece. Our printers are also very reliable due to their repeatability

Digital Jewelry Manufacturing Workflow

Digital Design

Use of CAD Software to create digital designs

Fitting And Consultation

3D Printing of Digital Designs to create “Fitting Pieces” from Castable Resin.

Investment Casting

The casting of 3D Printed patterns using Investment Casting


Deliver faster with a complete digital workflow. Revolutionize your business with digital dental solutions driving new levels of speed, productivity, efficiency, and precision at a lower cost for the widest range of dental applications

Digital Dentistry

Enhance the patient experience and your business with digital dentistry. No more wasted time, materials, or storage space. Cut days off delivery times and produce more accurate, comfortable, and effective orthodontic appliances. We offers a trusted, complete 3D printing workflow for the broadest range of applications with certified 3D printing materials

Digital Dentistry Workflow

Physical Impression

The physical impression of the patient by biting

Lab Scanner

Use of Lab Scanner by dental labs to scan the physical impression


Quickly design precise and customized model for patients

3D Printing

Print the designed Crowns, Bridges And Dentures


The casting of 3D Printed Crowns, Bridges and Dentures


Maximize Efficiency and Bring Better Products to Market Faster. Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time using our printers. Prototype, test, and produce all manner of tools, jigs, and fixtures with unprecedented speed and efficiency

3D Printing in Automotive

Thorough, innovative design and engineering require precise, reliable technology solutions. Our end-to-end solutions for automotive design, prototyping, and production help automakers pioneer in the fast lane.

Consumer Goods

Streamline from Innovation to Production. Accelerate your time to market while reducing costs by utilizing our 3D printing technology to create the most complex geometries quickly and easily.

3D Printing used to produce consumer products

3D Printing is used in a variety of ways including new product designs, creating complex parts that are not possible with traditional manufacturing, personalizing products for mass customization and speeding up production, and reducing time to
market. Our 3D Printers are easy to use and known for their high accuracy, cost-effectiveness and reliability


Get started with 3D Printing. Inspire students with cutting-edge technology that’s easy to use and manage. Accelerate research with a tool that’s as powerful as your work, but fits on your desk.

3D Printing sparks creativity and imagination

3D Printing has evolved very quickly and now you can turn imagination into reality. Researchers are more heavily relying on 3D Printing. While it is important that 3D Printing must be introduced at educational institutes on the primary and secondary levels. Students can benefit from the ability to see their ideas turning to reality. Our 3D Printers are very useful in the field of education due to some of the unique features
which include the ‘plug and play’ feature. Our 3D Printers are very reliable and known for their accuracy and smooth surface finish.


Innovation is the Trademark of the Aerospace Industry. Manufacturing with 3D Printing enables faster iteration, decision making, and response to market changes. The Aerospace industry is a great example of using 3D Printing and the ability to create parts that are stronger and lighter than parts made using traditional manufacturing

Streamline the Cost and Complexities of Production

3D Printers have eliminated the need for extensive tooling. Now, designers can focus on creating lighter weight structures, maximum efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Our 3D Printers can print prototypes as well as production parts along with the widest range of materials which can contribute a lot to the aerospace industry. Strong and lightweight composite parts can be printed through our printers.


New technologies always bring innovation, and that’s exactly what 3D printing offers to architecture: A way to make the work not only easier but more efficient. 3D printing has many uses in the architecture industry, from building concept models to building entire structures while saving time and money. It also benefits designers and clients, letting them change the concept model quickly and relatively inexpensively

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