ATOS ScanBox Series 7

Measurement of Large and Heavy Components up to 6000 mm in Size

ATOS ScanBox Series 7

The ATOS ScanBox Series 7 is mainly used in car manu­facturing, in try-out toolmaking and in press shops. The optical 3D measuring system performs complete analysis measurements for comparison in the introductory phase or is used for quality assurance in production.

Large parts such as automobile side panels and attached parts of up to 6 m in size can be measured. The full-field measuring data enables the analysis of hole pattern, trimming and character lines. Heavy and large parts for other applications can also be measured and inspected with the ATOS ScanBox Series 7.

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 ATOS ScanBox 7160ATOS ScanBox 7260
Dimensions4750 × 10150 × 3900 mm8750 × 10150 × 3900 mm
Power supply200–500 V (3-phase, 32 A)200–500 V (3-phase, 32 A)
Max. part size6000 × 1250 mm6000 × 1250 mm, rotation table working area up to Ø 3000 mm
Max. part weightUnlimitedUnlimited, rotation table working area up to 2000 kg
EntrySafety light curtainSafety light curtains
Opening width3050 mm3050 mm, rotation table working area up to 3400 mm
Floor mounting or fixingRequiredRequired
Loading conceptManual, transport cart, pallet truck, crane, forklift truck, sandwich panel transport systemManual, transport cart, pallet truck, crane, forklift truck, sandwich panel transport system
Sensor compatibilityATOS Triple Scan, ATOS 5, ATOS 5XATOS Triple Scan, ATOS 5, ATOS 5X

ATOS ScanBox Brochure

For further information about the ATOS ScanBox, please download the brochure.


8-axis kinematics

GOM developed the new 8-axis kinematic system for the measurement of very large parts. The combination of a linear axis, a vertical lift and an articulated robot with an integrated cable duct allows high flexibility in positioning the sensor thanks to the 8 degrees of freedom.

Modular layout

Uniform construction components and the modular struc­ture of the ATOS ScanBox Series 7 and 8 enable a demand-oriented extension of the ATOS ScanBox both within Series 7 and to Series 8.

Rotation table working area

The ATOS ScanBox 7260 also has a rotation table working area. This corresponds to the ATOS ScanBox 6130 and enables additional measurements of medium-sized components. The rota­tion table can be loaded with a pallet system and thus guarantees a quick, repeatable and exact positioning of components.

Sensor Technology

ATOS sensors provide full-field 3D coordinates for each individual measurement. Within a few seconds, up to 16 million independent measuring points are captured per scan. As a result, the measuring data is characterized by very high detailed reproduction, thereby enabling very small component features to be measured.

ATOS Professional VMR Software – Virtual Measuring Room (VMR)

The virtual measuring room is the central control station and measurement planning software for all elements of the ATOS measuring cells. It offers the functional representation of a real measurement environment in a virtual simulation. Thanks to the VMR, the user can work with the system without requiring specific robot programming skills. All robot movements are simulated and checked for safety before being performed in the actual environment.

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