A small scanner for precise meshes and big ideas

GOM Scan 1 is here to open up new possibilities. Industrial standards such as GOM fringe projection technology and Blue Light Technology deliver the foundation for detailed and accurate 3D meshes. Meanwhile, the integrated software GOM Inspect helps you apply the mesh to any project you want: 3D printing, reverse engineering or part inspection. So, go ahead and start something big.


GOM Scan 1 features a compact shape and robust design filled with advanced technologies. From GOM’s Blue Light Technology to the stereo camera principle, this sensor is built to deliver 3D data with high precision.

Small, mobile and super easy to use

The lightweight solution allows you to capture 3D data intuitively. Easy to operate, GOM Scan 1 is the specialist for simple and fast measurements of small to medium-sized parts – even in confined spaces

Fast and precise

GOM Scan 1 with pre-installed GOM Inspect takes meshes to the next level. You can rely on high quality data, generate precise meshes and get your 3D data easily and fast.


Choose your measuring volume

Get there fast with fringe projection

Different applications have different requirements. GOM Scan 1 is available in three versions with the measuring volumes: MV 100, MV 200 and MV 400. With all three sensors you can rely on high-precision measurements for small to medium-sized objects.

GOM Scan 1 is an optical 3D fringe projection scanner. It captures the complete surface of components with blue fringe projection and delivers detailed resolution in no time.

A self monitoring system for real life issues

Precision in all lighting conditions: GOM’s Blue Light Technology

Due to the stereo camera principle, the sensor recognizes changing ambient conditions during operation and can compensate for these changes. To ensure the quality of the measuring data, the software of the sensor continuously monitors the sensor status.

The projection unit of the new GOM Scan 1 is based on Blue Light Technology. Since the sensor works with narrowband blue light, interfering ambient light can be filtered during image acquisition. Due to its powerful light source, short measuring times can be achieved.

Prepare to print with intelligent mesh editing

Apply it for

GOM Inspect lets you smooth, thin and refine polygon meshes, fill holes or extract curvature lines, achieving very accurate meshes that can be saved in many common formats. The best part: our smart polygonization. It creates a mesh with highest detail while keeping the mesh size easy-to-handle.

  • 3D printing
  • Reverse engineering & manufacturing
  • Virtual display or 3D models
  • Research and education
  • Art and heritage
  • Design
  • Healthcare

A software that guides you

GOM Scan 1 operates with GOM Inspect, the well-established standard in 3D metrology. Powerful mesh editing functions make it an ideal tool for 3D printing and reverse engineering. What’s more, you can effortlessly handle simple and complex tasks throughout your inspection process. A software to simplify and speed up your workflow.

Technical Data

GOM Scan 1 is available in three measuring volumes and comes with useful additional accessories to support your daily workflow. GOM ROT 350 is an automated rotation table to facilitate your scanning process. Use the desk stand or tripod to mount the scanner. Pack everything in the travel case and carry it wherever it can help you to get things done.

 GOM Scan 1 (100)GOM Scan 1 (200)GOM Scan 1 (400) 
Points per scan6 million6 million6 million
Point distance0.037 mm0.060 mm0.129 mm
Measuring area100 x 65 mm²200 x 125 mm²400 x 250 mm²
Working distance400 mm450 mm500 mm
Light sourceLEDLEDLED
Weightapprox. 2,5 kgapprox. 2,5 kgapprox. 2,5 kg
Dimensions290 x 215 x 80 mm³290 x 215 x 80 mm³290 x 215 x 80 mm³
Cable length5 m5 m5 m
ConnectionUSB 3USB 3USB 3
Operating systemWindows 10Windows 10Windows 10
SoftwareGOM InspectGOM InspectGOM Inspect




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