Whether your business is designing, constructing or operating a process or power generation plant, UCS offers you a complete range of services for your engineering projects to suit your individual needs and to let you focus on your core business. UCS provides industry with an up to date integrated 2D and 3D design solution by offering following services:

Intelligent P&IDs

The Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) is the fundamental source of information that is needed in all phases of a plant’s life cycle — from engineering and construction, through operation and maintenance, and even for decommissioning. However, this important repository of information has typically remained on the “stick-file”, and has not been adequately exploited using contemporary tools offered by Information Technology.

Until now, the process of turning a plant’s P&IDs into an “intelligent” database would have required a tremendous investment in special skills, equipment and resources. Now, with a large, trained workforce, cutting-edge facilities, sophisticated automated and interactive tools, and years of experience in data conversion, UCS is in a unique position to provide all the services necessary — and at a great price.
UCS uses a purpose built design package to create process flow and piping instrumentation diagrams. The piping and instrumentation diagrams are “intelligent”, thus by selecting any item, information can be accessed from a linked database like:

  • Valve and line specifications
  • Valve and line sizes
  • Equipment design and specification datasheets
  • Detailed information (flow rate, motor KW, etc)
  • Vendor documentation, maintenance records and data

This information is used to track each piece of equipment from first draught to installation. There is a seamless transfer of information from the design phase to procurement, installation and commissioning. The information is stored in a central database and is utilized for the generation of 3D piping models. This ensures that all information is transferred for the piping and instrumentation diagrams to the 3D piping model.

The level of information available can be customized in accordance with our client’s requirements.

2D & 3D Plant Designs:

UCS offers this as a stand alone service to address the needs of those Engineering/EPC organizations who:

  • continue to do detail engineering on a 2D environment and yet are required to develop 3D models to meet their customer requirements for Virtual Project Creation before construction at site
  • have already carried out detail engineering for a particular project on a 2D environment, but are preparing for a similar project, in the future
  • have limited skills and would like to utilize the 3D modeling capabilities of UCS for a project, handling the detail engineering activity themselves

Various engineering documents such as specification sheets and 2D drawings / layouts developed by EPCs are used as inputs for modeling structures, equipment, pipes and piping components, instruments, electrical cable trays, and HVAC.
On completion of the modeling activity, the “Interference/Clash Detection” reports are generated. Once clashes have been reviewed and accepted/removed, “General Arrangement Drawings” (GADs), detailed isometric drawings, and detailed “Material Take Off ” lists (MTOs) are extracted for use at the construction site. This 3D plant model would be the basis for the client / project reviews during review sessions.

Piping Isometrics & BOQs:

Plant Space Isometrics facilitates the drafting of 3D isometrics used for pipeline fabrication and erection. It automatically generates bills of material, reports accurate weld, bend and pipe cut-length lists for fabrication and helps ensure correct material and component selection.
Isometrics can be used alone or with isometrics generated using IsoExtractor. Changes made to isometric drawings can even be imported back to the model saving design time and avoiding errors. Most engineering and construction companies draw an isometric of every piping configuration to be installed in the facility. However, it is desirable to look into in order to visualize the piping layout.

Piping Isometrics were introduced first to the project activities to assist with material control and with piping erection. Searching for different solutions to the problems of designing, construction and operation have led to participation in a piping industry.

Interference & Clash Detection:

To ensure complete integration of all engineering disciplines in a project the following aspects are draught in 3D:

  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Structural Steel
  • Mechanical
  • Piping
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation

All of these disciplines are involved in generating the final model. The model is checked for interference and after a clash free status is confirmed, isometric projections are generated for use during the construction phase.

Plant Visualization:

Once the 3D model is completed clients can be taken on a 3D interactive walk through the entire plant. During these session’s attention is paid to plant operability, maintenance access and safety requirements.
The 3D model review software is a stand alone package that is utilized to view 3D models. The package is simple to operate and does not require a qualified CAD operator or formal training. Engineers can make extensive use of the interactive walk through on site to clarify complex interface areas. This enables them to resolve complex problems on site without referring to the draughting office and saves valuable construction time.
Operating and maintenance staff can give their input at an early stage avoiding later costly site rework. The client is given a detailed view of what the plant will look like on completion before construction commences. At these review meetings the client can also review detailed material take offs and interference reports.
The model can also be utilized for rigging studies and installation and construction.

Steel Structure Detailing:

We just take line diagrams along with the type of members and joints mentioned we can provide steel structure model (3D), details of steel structures with BOQ and joint details ready to feed to the shop for manufacturing.

As Built Drawing:

Requirement for As built drawings starts at the very first day of its commissioning, and remains important throughout the life cycle till decommissioning and dismantling of the plant.
As built drawings reflect the most recent status of the plant and are integral document which may be used in day to day decision making for owners, operators, and EPC contractors.
Why make as built Drawing……
Benefits of as built
Types of Plant as built
Conventional approach for as built
Steel Structure Detailing
How UCS can help you…..Why make As Built Drawings ……
Drawings are unproven, inaccurate, inadequate, or unavailable
Need precise information for reliable operation, maintenance, and decision making
Retrofits/Modifications need existing plant condition to incorporate new changes
Want to replicate/duplicate the existing plant
Benefits of as built
Vital for plant operation/maintenance/troubleshooting..
Can you imagine a plant without proper information about its layout and configuration…….

Scenario 1

  • It is very hot outside, or rainy season, site is far away,
  • Getting all the relevant people there together at specific time is difficult, every body has his own schedule,
  • All you have observed on site is difficult to convey to authorities (unless they also visit there),
  • If forgot some thing to check on site repeated visits are compulsory which are not cost effective in terms of time and money,
  • Getting dimensions on site are not easy always, some times unsafe, sometimes need special arrangements like scaffolding etc.

Scenario 2

You have complete 3D Model in your PC, all the P & ID’s are up to date, and preferable, if they are intelligent also i.e., attribute data is attached to them, all the isometric drawings are ready to go to workshop.
Now there is no need to go to site, you have stretched your boundaries to global limits. Distance have no meaning to you. It doesn’t matter where you are; at site, in office, another city or even abroad, you are able to share decisions with your team.
Sitting together in a conference room, or sharing on a network you are able to discuss things freely.
Just have a walkthrough of the area marked for retrofit and get the real life view as many times you need and within minutes.
Need dimension of any space in the model, just with few clicks of mouse it is possible on your PC

Types of Plant as built

  • Plant Layout includes piping, ducting, cable trays, equipment layout, steel structure etc.
  • Piping Isometrics
  • P & ID’s
  • BOQ

Steel Structure Detailing

We just take line diagrams along with the type of members and joints mentioned we can provide steel structure model (3D), details of steel structures with BOQ and joint details ready to feed to the shop for manufacturing.
How UCS can help you…..
UCS has experience and expertise in plant measurements, and drawing generation, through convensional and latest techniques like 3D scanning, and Photogrammetry etc. It saves you substantial resourses to outsource your as built data collection and manipulation to UCS. We are always at your doorstep for any such service.